Fighting For Your Rights In Memphis

Your Legal Champion When Traffic Problems Arise

John H. Parker II knows how precious your driver's license is to you. For many people, that license is the key to finding and maintaining a job, in order to provide for a family. Don't put your driving privileges at risk by putting your DUI case in the hands of an inexperienced, ineffective defense lawyer. You need a strong voice inside and outside of the courtroom.

Did you receive a speeding ticket in the course of driving to your job in the Memphis metro area, or while merely passing through as a tourist? Our law firm explores your situation and explains your options.

Your Trial In A Tennessee State Or Federal Court

A felony conviction for a drug crime, violent crime or financial crime can dramatically derail your personal and professional progress. Don't surrender your rights and future without a fight! John H. Parker II can investigate, negotiate and litigate with the best of them. He will do everything within his power to help you avoid a range of harsh punishments.